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Linking schematics

Adding schematics to minimize distances between grouped or related components like bypass capacitors for more logical placement.

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Schematics overview

When submitting a board for auto-layout with Quilter, you have the option of uploading and submitting schematic files along with your board file to improve the designs that Quilter produces.

What are the benefits of uploading a schematic?

When Quilter receives a schematic, it will automatically parse the document to understand which components are directly and implicitly linked to one another and will aim to minimize distances between these components. We call this "schematic-informed placement."

Schematic-informed placement has the following benefits:

  1. Higher success rate, utilizing component relationships as a "head start" to identify the best component placement

  2. Better capacitor placement as a consequence of minimizing distances between capacitors and the ICs that they are meant to support

  3. Boards that are easier to parse, comprehend, and debug due to related components being placed close to one another

How to upload and link a schematic

To take advantage of schematic-informed placement, simply click the "New Layout Job" button on the "Layout Jobs" home page and upload your schematic along with your board file.

If all goes well, you should see something like this:

If you see the "โœ… No issues" status next your schematic files, this means we were able to successfully parse and link your schematic to inform component placement for your layout job.

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